Got an original podcast, unscripted show concept, or scripted pilot?

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pitch Your Podcast

Podcast Pitch Guidelines

Coastal Reign TV is now accepting pitches and licensing for individual, indie and other related  podcasts.

To submit your podcast for consideration:

Record a video 2-5 minutes long and upload it as an unlisted video to Youtube, send us the link to your podcast if already published, or send your sample video to

pitch Your Show

Show Pitch Guidelines

We are taking submissions from scripted shows that have already filmed a pilot and from unscripted shows that are in the original idea phase. 

What to include in your synopsis:

  • Introduction of yourself
  • How long have you worked in film and television?
  • An explanation of your concept and format for unscripted shows.
  • Synopsis of all scripted shows and link to pilot.
We will follow up with any concepts that we are interested in producing